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Promise Land Ranch

Plummer, ID


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Mike and Cathy Stoltey, their children, and grandchildren operate Promise Land Ranch.  Mike got his roots with Simmental cattle in 1971 at age 14 when he bred the first ½ bloods for CKR Ranch and past ASA President Lou Chestnut.  Mike’s Dad was very involved with Carnation Genetics, one of the earliest AI Studs.  Cathy’s family turned their Hereford ranch to Simmental’s after traveling to Canada to see the first offering of Simmental calves.  Cathy’s Great Grandparents raised Simmental Cattle in Germany in the 1800’s.  They were married and started Promise Land Ranch in 1974.  Their wedding gifts included a ½ Simmental heifer and 25 amps of Uslar semen.  Our roots are deep and our goal has always been to produce beauty with performance.  Our herd is 2/3 black and 1/3 red.  We have been recognized as having a perfect 600 score in the Performance Advocate Program and produced the Midland Bull Test 2012 High Performance Bull.