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Fauth Ranch Simmental

Lavina, MT


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The Fauth family has been ranching and raising Simmental cattle on a commercial scale for many years.  Up until the mid-90s, we were primarily running Fleckvieh cattle.  Nothing like seeing pastures full of yellow and white paint cattle.  Due to change in buyers demand for primary solid color cattle we switched gears and went more to the solid pure bred Red and Black Simmental.  My grandpa, Robert Fauth, and my dad Brad Fauth bought many bulls through the years from Dale and Paula Miller and family.  Some Gateway bulls along the way.  It was about 5 years ago, we started to get into the registered Simmental cattle.  Again, a big thanks to the Miller’s to aid in that endeavor.  We started this to supplement our own bull power, and kept a few to sell to our neighbors.  With our solid foundation, I believe strongly in our cattle.  Last summer we were honored to be included with the group at Bulls of the Big Sky.  After that I had to sell my wild ideas to Dad and Grandpa, which needless to say, the rest is history.  These bulls are raised to work on short grass country, you won’t be disappointed.